Presentation on ground calibration processes of Xtend/XRISM at the IACHEC 2023

I gave a presentation on the on-ground calibration processes of Xtend for XRISM at IACHEC 2023 held in Germany on 23-27 April 2023. Exchanging ideas of experiments, analysis techniques, and future missions, is important and fun. These people are behind-the-scenes supporters of the X-ray astrophysics.

Introduction of XRISM/Xtend at the data analysis workshop at The University of Maryland

I gave an overview of XRISM/Xtend on behalf of the Xtend team, at the 1st XRISM Data Analysis Workshop held at the University of Maryland on 2023 Feb. 22–23. This is to maximize the science outcome of XRISM, for which we will be working on hard starting from the latter half of this year.

Talk at the HEA seminar at the CfA

I remotely gave a presentation at the High Energy Seminar at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard-Smithsonian. The title was “Gamma-ray and X-ray studies on particle acceleration in supernova remnants: basic trends and a variety”. CfA HEA talks are uploaded to YouTube like this. 12:30 PM in Boston is 2:30 AM in Japan…

Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan

I have been selected as a winner of the Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan. The prize is for my studies on particle acceleration physics in supernova remnants through gamma-ray and thermal X-ray observations. Prof. T. Tanaka gave a recommendation for the award. Related links (both in Japanese): JPS webpage, webpage byContinue reading “Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan”

Thermal-vacuum test of XRISM spacecraft

I have been attending the thermal-vacuum test of the XRISM spacecraft held at the JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, Japan in this August. This is the final chance for us (Xtend team) to check the performance of Xtend, which includes the basic operation, energy resolution, CCD temperature control, etc. The picture is from the XRISM officialContinue reading “Thermal-vacuum test of XRISM spacecraft”

Chandra X-ray study of the RCW 86 southwestern region

Our recent paper entitled “Particle acceleration controlled by ambient density in the southwestern rim of RCW 86” has been accepted for publication in ApJ (arXiv link). The southwestern region of the supernova remnant RCW 86 is very suitable for studying how acceleration conditions are affected by environmental properties. We have found that the acceleration efficiencyContinue reading “Chandra X-ray study of the RCW 86 southwestern region”

Presentation at EAS 2022

I will give a presentation at the European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting 2022. The presentation is about our recent X-ray study of RCW 86 (ApJ, under review). We investigated the shock velocity, thermal & non-thermal X-ray properties of the southwestern region of RCW 86. Our findings suggest that ambient density controls the particle acceleration conditions:Continue reading “Presentation at EAS 2022”