Moved to Konan University

Now I am at Konan University as a JSPS postdoc. Here I am working with Takaaki Tanaka. I plan to do observational studies of supernova remnants and detector development using X-ray CMOS sensors. Currently I am especially interested in cosmic rays, supernova remnants, in-orbit detector background of X-ray and gamma-ray satellites and X-ray detector development.Continue reading “Moved to Konan University”

Ph. D. Thesis

As my Ph. D. thesis, I have studied particle acceleration environment of supernova remnants (SNRs) through X-rays and gamma-rays. Maximum energies of accelerated particles and their dependence on environments were of particular interest. Investigating each SNR is not enough to study the evolution of the maximum energies. Thus I have used almost all the availableContinue reading “Ph. D. Thesis”

Finished Ph.D. program

I have finished my Ph.D. defense and graduated from The University of Tokyo. The dissertation title is “Systematic Study of Escape Processes of Cosmic Rays from Supernova Remnants based on Gamma-ray and Thermal X-ray Properties”. I have studied how accelerated particles diffuse from their acceleration sites, supernova remnants using X-ray and gamma-ray observational data. ToContinue reading “Finished Ph.D. program”

Papers before 2021

Hagino et al., JATIS, 2020We studied the particle-induced background of the Hitomi HXI. Different layers of the Si-DSSDs and CdTe-DSD show different origins: trapped electrons, Albedo neutrons, and activation. Suzuki et al., PASJ, 2020We performed a systematic study on gamma-ray emitting supernova remnants. We found that acceleration energy confined around shocks decreases with increasing time,Continue reading “Papers before 2021”