What does the physics look like in extreme environments ?
In the universe, uncountable phenomena which cannot be realized on the earth are happening every second.
I am especially interested in Cosmic Rays, some of which can reach 1020 eV.
They will tell us fundamental physics we don’t know yet.

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Are supernova remnants PeVatrons ?

Our latest work is accepted for publication in ApJ. In this work, we have studied X-ray and gamma-ray properties of supernova remnants to evaluate their maximum attainable energies during lifetime. As most astrophysicists know, there are only a few supernova remnants which are accelerating particles up to PeV energies. We have evaluated this in aContinue reading “Are supernova remnants PeVatrons ?”

Chandra ACIS particle-induced background modeling tool

To model the particle-induced background spectrum for an arbitrary celestial observation with Chandra ACIS, we thoroughly analyzed all the available calibration data of the ACIS taken in 2002–2016 and have developed a tool to generate a model spectrum. We found CCD position-to-position and temporal variations of their energy spectra. The spatial variations were mostly seenContinue reading “Chandra ACIS particle-induced background modeling tool”

Quantitative Age Estimation of Supernova Remnants and Associated Pulsars

Our work on age estimation of supernova remnants has been accepted for publication in ApJ. The arXiv link is available. The motivation is that we still cannot be sure about the reliability of supernova remnants’ estimated ages, and thus want to quantify it. We have thoroughly collected available systems in which reliable age estimations wereContinue reading “Quantitative Age Estimation of Supernova Remnants and Associated Pulsars”

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