What does the physics look like in extreme environments ?
In the universe, uncountable phenomena which cannot be realized on the earth are happening every second.
I am especially interested in Cosmic Rays, some of which can reach 1020 eV.
They will tell us fundamental physics we don’t know yet.

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Presentation on ground calibration processes of Xtend/XRISM at the IACHEC 2023

I gave a presentation on the on-ground calibration processes of Xtend for XRISM at IACHEC 2023 held in Germany on 23-27 April 2023. Exchanging ideas of experiments, analysis techniques, and future missions, is important and fun. These people are behind-the-scenes supporters of the X-ray astrophysics.

Spacecraft test at the launch site on Tanegashima

I have attended a XRISM spacecraft test after shipped to the Tanegashima island, where the launch site is located. We confirmed the performance of Xtend. This will be the final detailed test before the launch.

Camp in Nara

We held a research camp with Konan-U and OMU (Osaka Metropolitan University) members at a guesthouse in Nara. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature. Big meetings and small workshops have different pros and cons. They both matter.

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