What does the physics look like in extreme environments ?
In the universe, uncountable phenomena which cannot be realized on the earth are happening every second.
I am especially interested in Cosmic Rays, some of which can reach 1020 eV.
They will tell us fundamental physics we don’t know yet.

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Presentation at Gamma 2022

I will give a presentation at the 7th Heidelberg International Symposium on High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy. The presentation is about our systematic study on the particle acceleration in supernova remnants based on Suzuki et al. 2022.

Presentation at EAS 2022

I will give a presentation at the European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting 2022. The presentation is about our recent X-ray study of RCW 86 (ApJ, under review). We investigated the shock velocity, thermal & non-thermal X-ray properties of the southwestern region of RCW 86. Our findings suggest that ambient density controls the particle acceleration conditions:Continue reading “Presentation at EAS 2022”

Presentation at IACHEC 2022

I gave a presentation about the Chandra ACIS particle-induced background at IACHEC 2022. The mkacispback tool is now also found on the XSPEC “more models ” webpage. The detector background of different satellites with different orbits is very interesting.

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